Pride Block Text Banners – August 16

Apothiromantic Apothisexual / Apothi Aro-Ace

Arospike Acespike / Aro-Ace Spike

Arovague Acevague / Aro-Ace Vague

Nebularomantic Nebulasexual / Nebula Aro-Ace

Dimensions: 1246 x 530 pixels at 300 PPI.

The second image in each set possesses a transparent background.

All banners/stickers are available for free personal or non-commercial use with credit to one of my accounts. They are not available for commercial use.

For flag creator credits, please see @aroflagarchive.

Aro Icons: A is for Aro Pixel Art Set

For @aggressivelyarospec‘s Aggressively Arospectacular 2020 event, I’ve made a set of forty-eight pixel art stickers/icons based on my letter “a” cross stitch design.

Please note that this template only includes five-stripe flags for aromantic-spectrum identities starting with the letter “a” (along with non-SAM and neu aro). If folks wish additional icons with the letter “a” for aro in, say, greyromantic or lithromantic five-stripe flags, please let me know on Tumblr.

Sticker Style:

Plain Icon Style:

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DIY Bunting – October 27

I thought I’d post my bunting flags for folks wishing to make their own bunting designs or combine multiple identities in the one banner.

All bunting images available for free use with credit to one of my accounts.

Aro-Ace Agender, Atomoromantic and Proculromantic